so thursday i had my growth scan for ace!  at 32 weeks he was 3lbs  and at the 11% at 34 he was 3lbs 14oz so he is still really small in the 14%. every thing seemed to go just fine then the doctor came in and told me my fluid is low its at 7.5 idk what that means but thats my biggest pocket of fluid if it reaches 5 they will take him out. i guess my fluid dropped a lot in 2 weeks so it worried them, the doctor also told me that if he dosent reach 5lbs by my 36 week ultra sound they are goin to take him out. they are not sure why he is so small they said there might be a not in his umbilical cord but they can see one. also at my stress test he was a little “stressed” i was hooked up to the test for almost 2 hrs his heart rate was high but it finaly calmed down so they let me go home. i have to see my doctor 2 times a week  for 2 stress tests and they are goin to check his fluid 2 times a week.. i pray he grows and that every thing stays safe for him i dont want him out at 36 weeks i want him in.!!!