Today is my 27 week mark (: I am so excited. I have been looking at names, but there are soo many and it’s just so stressful! Lol. My mom got me this book of baby names with 20,001 in it 0.o .. So  I am just going through and circling the names I like, then I am going to get my boyfriend to circle the ones he likes, and put stars by ones that I have already circled that he likes as well.
I want something very unique that no one/not a lot of people have, something new, but something not crazy 0.o Something cute and enjoyable (: Lol.
I am not that big for about 27 weeks, but I know there is still like 3 more months (November 19th) So  I am hoping I don’t get too much bigger or I am going to be worried about how badly this is going to hurt lol.
I am really hoping to be able to have this baby natural, just for the least pain and less healing time. But, my mom did need to get a c-cecsion becuase her bones wouldn’t move to allow the baby to allow me and my brother to come through, so she need a cecarian for both of us.
I am really excited for the ultrasound on the 31st, I can’t wait to find out what it is! Hear the heart beat and get to see it for the first time. Wow, everything is still jsut so overwhelming nd probably always will be.
I do have a plan and I am hoping to stick to it. (yn) We’ll see how it goes! (: