Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. Women deserve better than abortion.

Feminists For Life

Are you pregnant unexpectedly?
Do you need concrete, practical help?

You are not alone. Below are some resources that can help, and some stories from women who have been right where you are and lived to tell about it. See what they have to say before you make any decisions.

Don’t believe that abortion is the only way out. You Have Choices.

There are people willing to offer you medical care, counseling, clothes, baby items, and a sympathetic ear in pregnancy centers all over the country.

Unplanned Pregnancy – A Detour, Not a Dead End

The Spring 1999 issue of The American Feminist explores the various ways women cope with unplanned pregnancies, whatever their individual situations.

College-age women are most at risk

of experiencing the tragedy of abortion. FFL’s College Outreach Program was launched in 1996 to reach out to these women with life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

Did you think legal abortion was safe?

Courtesy of Feminists For Life