so guess what? i may be pregos AGAIN! if you dont know me, this is what happened, i had unprotected sex, took plan b, got pregnant, miscarried, and was depressed and in pain for 3 weeks. the father was an idiot anyway, and i was gonn go with adoption.
ok now present time.
its been a few months, almost four months since i got pregnant, i got implanon put in on thursday. i had unprotected sex with a guy that i love. so he wasnt in me long and he didnt cum but theres always that chance with precum. then the next day we had protected sex again, and sunday we didn’t have sex and monday we had protected sex again. my vagina was realy swollen, which it was after i had sex when i got pregnant. but i havent been thinking that im pregnant, just like too dry or something but today i took a quiz on whats my symbol and i got the pheonix which a pheonix represents a baby to me. last time i was pregnant my dad gave me a pheonix necklace the week before i took the test. now im paranoid and i know im horrible supersticious but i beleive in it and i cant find out for like a whole month whether im pregnant or not. oh yeah friday was the last day of my period.  so other then the pheonix im pretty much not pregnant. but the pheonix out ways everything to me.
seeing as i love rob and he loves me and we were already planning on getting married and having kids someday that makes the desicion if i am pregnant alot harder, cuase it was easy when i hated the father, i was gonna go with adoption, but idk this time.
does anyone know if a pregnancy test works if u have implanon in you?
ide love to talk to anyone. i mean i already have friends on here but i love new friends. 🙂