why did u hurt me? you were like my brother i’ve known you since i was 5 why couldn’t you just go away u knew  it was wrong. y did u rape me for 3 years? I WANT TO KNOW. i was 9 when u started u were 24 what was wrong with u?.  you lived/worked with my dad u were like his son and now look what u did. what is your reason? i was a kid you were a man. when i was 11 i had a bf i love him and still do i still see him i know u hate him. y do u hate him? Because u thought i was sleeping with him but hes not like u he would never force himself on me. Alan i told u stuff i’ve never told anyone and then u turn around and rape me u use what i told u hurt me in so many ways. then u beat the crap out of me when i tell u i think im pregnant. 2 hours you beat me and told me to say i fell down the stairs outside. well look now ur in prison for 4 to 8. And I have a wonderful baby boy who i love to death. if u think u will get to see him ur wrong u will never see him. you do drugs and u drink 24/7 u will have to kill me in order to see MY son. i hope u are happy where u are.