My names Katelynn, im 15, turning 16 in just 2 weeks, but thats hardly crossed my mine. I’ve been stressed over if im pregnant for many months. I havn’t had my period in 5 months and each day i worry more and more. Me and my boyfriend talk about it frequently and he is very supportive. I’m scared to take a pregnancy test. My stomach seems to be bigger and I joined the YMCA membership and recently tried my bathing suit on to go swimming but was discouraged my the size of my stomach. I sometimes feel like I’m feeling kicking in my stomach, just lately, but it’s only about 3 or 4 times then it stops. I can’t stand the smell of cigarets anymore, I was a smoker up to about 5 months ago one day n i just couldn’t smoke the cigaret, or even smell one, and it’s been like that for the last several months. I have an appt. with the Gyno in a few weeks. My boyfriends family is supportive. Though they don’t know for sure if I’m pregnant and neither do I. His sister says she’ll buy me a test but I’m scared to take it. I havn’t even brought up my concern to any of my family members.