Well, my name is Angelina But people call me Angel and I really just want to tell my story because I am the type of person who keeps her feelings in because I am so scared that people will think bad of me if they really knew anything that went on woth me. There are only a few people that I let in on my feelings and what I am thinking. Well almost a month  ago me and my boyfriend had sex and we didn’t use any protection. But I was on the pill so i didn’t really thinnk about it until i got my period. my preiod is never really normal but it isn’t too abnormal and when it got how it was I was a little worried then i talk to my mom about it and she asked me “Did you ever do anything with your boyfriend?” and I was scared to tell her but then I did and she says ” Well that could be why” and then I wasn’t too woried about being pregnant or anything because I was on the pill like I sayed before but when I did this with my boyfriends i was staying over at my friends for the weekend and i forgot that I didn’t take my pill so now I might be pregnant! I am extreemly scared because I am only 15 years old! But I happy that I have my mom there to help me through this because she is still mad but she is going to be there for me and the baby (if there is one) I go to the doctor on tuesday but this isn’t the end of my story there is more. When I was talking to my mom about this she told me well we have to move because we ned to get better jobs so that we can take care of ourselves and specially if you are pregnant. So now I don’t know what to do I am soo scare that I am going to be and I have to move in two weeks. but the good thing is that my boyfrined wants to be there for me. Well I would really like some advice if anyone has any for me B) ♥