i guess its no surprise that a 17 year old with peircings from drug addict parents and white trash back ground got knocked up. i guess its no surprise that my boyfriend is almost ten years older then me and lives in another state. these things society expects from me.
what they dont expect is i never considered abortion, i dont plan to sell my baby, and im a realy good student. well as of today february 26th, 2010 i havent taken a test but im a week late for my period. ill be taking the test sunday, february 28, 2010. how do i know im pregnant?
1. im late
2. my dad gave me a pheonix necklace, which to me a pheonix is the symbol for a baby

how did this happen?
i could simply tell you im an idiot or make up some ly about needing to score. but that would be wrong, i dont do drugs. i have had sex for things before, food, money for food, rides, ect. but thats not how i got here.
i got here because for once in my life i decided to act my age, i decided to be irrisponsible and throw caution to the wind. my boyfriend came to pick me up on friday february 5th, 2010 and that night we had sex, i told him i wasnt on birth control and to pull out and he did. that morning we had sex again, but this time he didn’t, i yelled at him and he said it was no big deal, he’de get me plan b. all day i bugged him to get it, finally at 8pm he we went to the pharmacy, he came out empty handed and told me they wont give it to a guy and i flipped out and he said he was kidding it wasnt open. so we went to a different pharmacy and when he came out he hid it under his shirt and said they were out of it but i heard the crinkling and got it. when we got back to his house i was gonna take it right away but he said to wait till it was on the hour so we could remember when i took it. so i did and then i took, the first one. he had unprotected sex again that night, he said the plan b would still work, and in the morning we had unprotected sex again. then in the morning i took the second one. now the one detail that makes me sound horrible but is kinda important is that was the first time i had ever met him. but he was so sweet to me. he took me out to these amazing restaurants and book stores and the train station. and it was just a magical evening.