hi my name is sarah and im 16 years old and when i was a freshman in high school i met this guy named john and me and him really hit things off that year i really liked him at the time i was 15 almost 16 well anyways the school year started back again and i had flunke dbecause i never went to class that was dumb of me but anyways school started back a freshman again and he graduated last year but then my parents did want me to see him because my brother hated him so i decided to start  running away with him?then months past by and i had the most amazing friend but she told me about him because she knew him long but i didnt listen anyways months went by and i found i was pregnant 2 months to be honest i told him he knew but then even though me and my friend havent talked at that time for 3months i told her and she said sorry for not being there for you and that night i spent the night at her house talking about what i was going to do?then two days later i never would have thought that was the last day of me being pregnant i was a home wreck not knowing what to do i told me mother who was disappointed in me but who could blame her?later on i told johns sister to let her no that the baby was gone and she understood it happend to her to?i havent seen john or talked to him since well at least until a couple of weeks ago but still he left me alone and by myself he has nothing going for him self and i know i shouldnt talk to him but i love him? what would you do if you where me?and for all thoses teens just wait because you never no what will happen?