why didn’t you want the baby? why didn’t you love it?! what was the REAL reason you didn’t want it or love it? was it because our religions were separating us?! was it because your parents forced you?! were you too heartless to think about what WE made? you could’ve been its FATHER, and LOVE it! i KNOW you would’ve loved the baby, i KNOW you would’ve came around and been the best father that ever lived. we would show the baby how much we love it, and give it the life  we didn’t get to have…we could’ve been there for eachother. did you not understand that was probably our ONLY chance of staying together? you don’t even know what you say hurts me…you tell me thats stupid for being depressed, GROW UP! but i can’t..i don’t understand why we couldn’t give the baby up for adoption? or better yet..keep it? don’t you ever just think for a second what we did was HORRIBLE? sometimes i wish you could get me pregnant AGAIN, so i can fix the mistake. im sorry that i cry all the time, and that im emotional..im sorry that IM the one who LOVED and CARED for this baby. im sorry that im the one who had to grow up and actually think about our little angel, sitting there in my tummy. helpless…i was SOOO excited to watch it grow, then finally meet it….we could’ve been a FAMILY. thanks for making me depressed…i REALLY appriciate it….