As a senior at my high school, I was asked to assistant direct Ayn Rand's "Night of January 16th" which is a courtroom drama about the death of a multimillionaire and the trial of his secretary and mistress, Karen Andre. Throughout the production, many characters from security guards to gangsters testify. It was my first play to assistant direct and I was extremely excited about the whole situation. We held auditions and some of my best friends and people I didn't even know existed tried out.  Overall we had a glorious turn out!

The play was casted and when we started rehearsal, I sat with my stage manager, Jessica, and we talked about the characters and the boys who played them. Then it came to the part of Homer Herbert VanFleet, a highered detective with a thick new york accent and a joy for the more leasure ways of life. It was then that the boy I never knew before was brought to my attention. Fairly tall and stocky, with dark hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. And quite honestly, with his metro clothing, my first thought was that he had to be gay. There was no way this kid could possibly be straight. He was sheik and charming, captivating, really.

 Being the type of person I am, I sought out time outside of rehearsal to become closer to my cast so that they could trust me and I could trust them. On one of these occations, I soon discovered that my stage manager, also fancied this curious fellow by the name of Darian. There was a certain flare of exotic intoxication. He was stylish, charming and Uruguayan. How chould he not be a catch? 

Over the month following, my stage manager dated him and we flirted nonetheless. Jessica and I seemed to fight over him, as well as other girls outside of the theatre. After a break up between Jessica and Darian, there was a time where they were simply friends. We ended up at a super bowl party together and started to get friendly. Two weeks later, he asked me out and of course, I said yes.

 Unfortuanately, I get carried away very easily. I invited him to stay at my place and we slept together. The next day he ended everything and started dating someone else. Over the months between his breakups, I was his little pick me up. The girl that couldn't deny him and loved him fully, even though he just wanted a bit of rebound booty. Unfortunately, in June, he got far too used to my company and actually slept with me when he was dating someone else. 

 Of course he wanted nothing to do with me after that and didn't want to tell his girlfriend anything. I was wrought with both guilt and jealousy. I found his girlfriend and told her everything. She was probably the most remarkable person I ever had the pleasure knowing. She was willing to forgive him and help him through everything, but he would have none of it. He ran from his problems and even went as far as starting drinking, which was a huge issue because he was so against it before.

 A few weeks later, I took a pregnancy test. The purple plus sign was so tragic. I told Darian and he was excited at first, and then decided he didn't want to deal with it. Being strictly against abortion, and being completely incapable to complete college with a child, I decided on adoption.


Since then, I have been primarily alone in all of this. I don't have the father of my baby with me. I can't tell my family until I have a place to live because there is a high possibility they will kick me out. I am two months pregnant with my Little Uruguay.  My beautiful, exotic baby is growing inside of me. And even though Darian and I hardly talk anymore, there will still be a part of us in this world, laughing and smiling. I will remember our moments of true feelings, however brief, and simply hope that some day he will come around again and want to know what is going on inside of me.