I have been with my husband since I was thirteen years old. Although, we have had our good and bad times, we have always managed to work through them all (no matter what it was). Even if we separated for a month or week or whatever, we've always loved eachother, something that noone can take away from us.

About two years ago, I conceived out daughter, Serenity Raiyn. Even though we were happy together and me being the drama-free person that I am… I have never been more over-joyed and ecstatic. I was glowing! I gained weight.. more than what I thought, being athletic toned. I had the cravings, I was moody.. I would cry for no reason or cry and didn't know why I was crying at all.

Unfortunately, she is no longer with us. God has her, his angel.. as well as ours. We had talked about children before and the pregnancy was unexpected, even though I was nervous and worried. One thing I can say is.. I have no regret. So dont take life for granted. No matter what you experience or whatever. Be Grateful and Enjoy every MOMENT.

Its a time. A moment in our life. We SHARED

I would never forget it.

Rest In Paradise Babygirl

*Serenity Raiyn Marshall*

Our Boricua Butterfly

<3Mommy's Little Angel * Daddy's Little Girl<3

Te Quiero Mama

-Mommy and Daddy-