So i had Leo a little over 5 months ago. Before he was born me and Lee where hardly together…he wanted nothing to do with us when i found out…he then changed his mind and proposed when Leo was in the NICU. I thought everything was going perfect-it was for the first 3-4 months. This month has just been awful. 

First he goes of the rails and is diagnosed with Bipolar..fair enough i can handle that. But he’s getting better he started helping with Leo again. But since ive been back at school hes changed…always out. He’ll take Leo out when im at school but as soon as im back its my job again. Even when i have a pile of homework. For the past three days ive stayed off school, simply because Lee either isnt around to watch him, or he is still sleeping and refusing to wake up. 

I cant even go to my mom for advice, because now she’s in Ohio, I dont have a clue what to do. All i can think now, is if he dont buck up his ideas im leaving him and he’ll probably lose his son because i’ll be in Ohio with my mom. 

Rant over.