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Hi Becky,
I am 24, just started a new job and am in a relationship with a guy that was my best friend….  I have a 5yr old son and he is Great, i had an abortion 3yrs ago with my ex because he didn’t want the baby. I just found out that i am about 2 weeks pregnant but i am not sure if i should have the baby because i am scared that what if my boy friend and I dont work out, i always wanted to have my next kids after marriage and our relationship is not a definate. I was happy when i found out i was pregnant but my mom told me that i am making a mistake to even consider keeping the babyI am afraid that my boss wont be impressed cause i have only been here 2 months. I have my first Doctors visit tomorrow and i am nervous because i don’t know what to do. Abort or keep…? Please Help

Regards, Helen


Dear Helen,

Listen to the voice inside you. Your heart does not lie. Don’t let ANYONE talk you into anything. It sounds like you are thinking very clearly.  Trust yourself. Ultimately this is your decision. It is your body and your baby.  No one can or should make it for you.

I have talked to many girls, like you, who have chosen to have an abortion and have deeply regretted it. It isn’t the simple solution that many try and make it out to be. Don’t ignore the promptings within you. This baby was meant to be. No child is a mistake. I really believe that. It sounds like you believe that, too.

You know what joy your son bring to your life. Can you imagine your life without him? This little baby is going to bring just as much joy to both of you. Yes it will be work. No two ways about it. But it is totally doable. Trust that you will be given all the strength and courage, and resources that you need.  Stand strong in what you know to be right. Stand up for this new little baby within you. You CAN do this. You strong enough! Don’t let anyone push you around or make you feel small.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I would love to walk through this with you and help you find the support and resources you need.


Hi Becky,

I dont even know how to begin to thank you for the reply, i have decided that i would like to keep my child even though i have many fears about work…etc…
But thats ok God will pave the way.

On Monday i went to see my Pastor after i had sent you the e-mail and my boyfriend came along. He told us that it is a sin and i do understand that. The only reason i opted for the abortion is because i was not getting any support from my mother and my boyfriend and that made me feel that i will have to fight alone.

I am a single mom as it is and i couldnt do it on my own again. But by the Grace of God, after my doctors visit my boyfriend called me and told me that he would like the baby and that alone was enough to make me shout with joy. I am happy that i didnt make any sudden choices and i will try my best to do this and not get scared again.

Your sight is amazing and your e-mail is a blessing into my Life. Thank you so Much and i admire and hope one day i could do what you do because you have to have a huge heart to help strangers.
God Bless you always.

Thank you,