So I have a question for all of you teen moms.. how did you cope with schooling? I just finished grade eleven, and my little guy is due three days after school starts. I want to graduate this year, and have a large course load that requires me to attend school for both semesters. I’m an honors with distinctions student, and my teachers of this upcoming year had agreed to help me by looking for text books (as I am taking english at home) and by sending my biology work home with me as well, to get done over the summer in advance to complete what I will be missing when my son comes. But so far, none of my teachers have done what they said they would.


How did you guys get though school? Did you take hard classes and still pass? I’m so nervous about my future and being able to do what I need to do to fulfill my dreams. Any suggestions on how to cope with a newborn and school?