Ok I have loved this boy since i was 18. I got pregnant with my daughter Feb 2005, while i was a freshman in college and doing very well. We decided to have her regardless of how young and unsure we were. In Sept 05 he was arrested and spent the next 2 yrs locked up. I cheated on him while he was locked up and also was raped the yr before he came home. He was released in Feb 08 and at first we were happy.I  was never able to go back to school because the rape happened down at my school. I have been tryin to work and pay off debt i occured while i was pregnant.  After a couple of months i realized that the man i love has changed. He is abusive toward me , in all ways thinkable. I have sinced moved back in with my mother. But i have recently found out i am pregnant again. I no longer want anything to do with him but i still love this boy with everything i am made of. He has told me time and time again that if i have this baby he will never connect me again and i should never contact him. I have given up on fighting for a relationship that isnt meant to be. However i do not know if bringing a baby into my situation is a  smart decision. I am 22 with a 2 almost 3 year old. I live with my mother who is not helping me finacially to better myself and i have yet to return to school to dothe one thing i promised myself i would do….get my degree. I do know adoption is not an option for me as i am the product of adpotion and would not wish my insecurities on my worst enemies. I have heard so many horrible stories about abortion but that seems to be my only option at this point. I cant bear the emotional toll of abortion but i am not sure if i will ever achieve  my goals and dreams with two babies by a boy who thinks so little of me and his kids that he does nothing to help. What should i do? i will consider any alternatives at this point.