I had always been a big girl, growing up i was surrounded with my friends who had boyfriends and thats all i wanted was a boyfriend. I eventually lost all my weight and for the first time boys where actually taking a second look at me.

I met an amazing boy who i fell in love with straight away he treats me perfectly. I found out i was pregnant with his baby two weeks prior my 18th birthday!

I was nervous and scared about telling people. My boyfriend took the news well, he was actually thrilled. He was 24 and came from a family who all had children young, so he wasn’t to worried about telling his parents.

I told my mum and she is not supportive at all, which hurts me a lot. My mother says this is going to ruin my life and im stupid for even considering to have this child. She doesn’t understand that i want to take responsibility for my actions. I couldn’t posibly see myself geting an abortion because to me it seems like taking a precious gift away. I still have not told my father and im very scared about his reaction to.

All my friends no and have taken the news well and are all quite excited. I am excited to but i cant help thinking what my mother has said to me. It has really got to me all i want is for my mother to not be disappointed in me and realize i am doing what i think is right. I am actually quite depressed when this should be a happy stage for me.