so the random food cravings have kicked in full. all i can seem to eat is eggs, roast beef, and pickles! i hate eggs! im all bloated and puffy! i feel like everyone around knows!

Today i took a loooooong nap right after school, and my fiance got worried about me (he doesnt usually go too long without having some sort of communication with me) so he called my dad(who wasnt at the house) and asked if he could check on me. so im asleep in my room when someone knocks on my door. i scream “WHAT DO YOU WANT!??!” and he pokes his head into my room. that brought an instant smile to my face! the first thing he said was ” hey babe, i have something for you. (pulls a fake purple rose out from behind his back) i was going to get you a bouquet but i wasnt sure if id be able to come see you and i didnt want them to die so, here” and then he kisses my forhead and hands me the flower. he had sprayed it with a little of his body spray so it smelled like him. he’s just the sweetest guy!!!
he’s going to make a wonderful daddy!