OK i do everything im supposed to i go to school i have a job and i raise my 5 month old son all by myself. My baby’s daddy doesn’t have anything to do with him. How about yesterday he decided he was going to go and get married to a girl he's been engaged to for 4 days!!!!!! She was dating his cousin on Thursday and on Friday she was engaged to my baby’s daddy…how messed up is that? anyway he&#39 ;s 18 and she's 22. she has a 5 year old daughter that he's about to have parental custody signed over to him by her real father and he's going to "support" them with the money he makes off the job he DOESN’T have!!! Now how do you just not even acknowledge that you have a child that is your blood and take care of some one else’s child? I mean come on!! He didn’t finish school, he doesn’t have a job, he's just recently decided that he was going to start doing pills? Hello what’s wrong with you? How about this you guys…..he even got her initials tattooed on him???????? And I’ve tried to be nice and still let his mom have something to with my son, but how about i found out last night that she let them take MY SON with them the other night and she just straight up lied to my face! and not to mention he lost his licenses recently also…..i mean what do i do about this. i feel like im being looked at as a bad parent because of the choices he is making. what do you do? i'm so fed up with it….it's absolutely ridiculous. Anyways, i really needed to get that out. If anyone has any advice please PLEASE don't hesitate.