Hello…about a week ago I found out I pregnant. The guy im with, we have been together for about 4 months and were fine one day and the next we hate each other. Me being pregnant would ruin our lives. We didn’t talk for a week then on a Friday i told him I might be pregnant. He met me after work and we bought a pregnancy test, it was positive. The two pink lines appeared right away! I was just thinking that it could be wrong that it takes 3 minutes to appear. It didnt hit me till later that night that I was pregnant. We cried for the whole night. All I wanted to do was hold him, hug him! I didnt want to let him go! We had decided that abortion would be the right thing to do..the right thing for us and our baby! We cant even support ourselves and definitely couldn’t support a baby! We both work part time and im in school. I still couldnt settle the fact I was pregnant so I took another test. It was positive again! The next day I called a planned parenthood office to make an appointment to talk to someone. I have chosen to do the procedure. All I could think about is that This baby shouldnt have to live a life with parents that still live with there parents and cant support them selves. I took another test and it did come back positive again. They gave me an ultrasound and there was my baby. I am not even 5 weekS. Im scheduled to have my procedure 2 weeks from now and im scared. Lately ive been changing my mind. Do I wanna keep the baby or continue with the termination? I tell my boyfriend and all he can do is remind me of the bad things about havent a kid. Nothing is positive. He told me he refuses to have a kid as this kid would ruin our lives..