Im 17 years old. When i was 16 i met my first boyfriend. He was amazing. I was totaly smittened. Looking back on it now i realise how me manipulated me within that month we were together. I was a virgin and within a month i had gone from only ever have kissed a gy to everything but sex. I kept telling him that i wanted to wait and that i wanted it to be special. Then on the 20th of july 2009 he changed, he took advantage of me. I was so scared and didnt no what to do. I was frozen all night whilst he lay asleap next to me, showing no remorse for what he had done. In the morning he left and completly ignored me. i never heard from him again, i was discarded and used like an old tissue and its how i felt. I told my mum thinking she could help me but she said how she was disapointed in that i let my self into that situation. After that i lost all my self respect and didnt care.Since that date i have slept with 4 gys. 1 i dont no who he is. Recently i got a boyfriend but he means nothing to me. I have been cheating on him with someone who i am falling for. Im so scared that i will become vulnerable, the gy who i am with behing my boyfriends back is 24 but the age gap doesnt matter to us, when im with him everything feels good but last week we had sex and i have suffered a few of the symptoms that have been mensioned. If im pregnant my life will be over i am so worried. I saw this website and thought someone might be able to help