When I went to the doctor last month for my appointment, they told me that my placenta is abit low but it’s nothing to worry about.
For the past couple of weeks I have had almost like stomach pains at the bottom of my stomach and today it is just extremely sore! It doesnt pain or anything now, but it is just really really sore and I cant walk properly! When I stand up, then I cant stand up straight or walk immediately, I have to wait a while and then walk..Could it be that my placenta is low? But they said it is nothing to worry about! Im sure if it was serious, they would have said something to me?
Please help, as I have no idea what it could be? I need to know ASAP. It’s really painful and I can hardly walk!
I was thinking I should maybe go to the hospital and find out what it could be, because they did say that if anything is wron then I must go.