Someone I know found out last week that they were 24 weeks pregnant and they are adament that they want it terminated. They are having to borrow money to pay to fly to another country to have the abortion as they are not performed in this country. They just want the situation to go away, they don't want to deal with it. They never thought they would be pregnant and she just can't cope with the idea of being pregnant. They see the abortion as a quick fix. They don't want to be parents but think that adopting the child out will leave a big gap in their life but I think that the abortion will leave a much bigger gap, one that will be forever there. I don't think they realise the magnitude of what they are doing. I fear that not only an innocent life will be lost but their lives will be changed forever and not for the better. They have blinkers on. I think she needs to speak to someone who has been through it, she just says if she needs counselling she will get it. I think that counselling will help manage those feelings but won't get rid of them!! She is making a rushed decision as there is only a couple of weeks left before it will be too late to have the abortion. I fear she is making the worst mistake of her life and everyone around them sees it. I don't know many people that have had abortions but the ones I do have all suffered horribly and that was within the first 3 months of pregnancy, this one is so much farther along. Is there anything that you can do in this situation to stop someone making the biggest mistake of their life????? Does anyone have any words of wisdom????