I am only thirteen, and I know what it’s like to watch someone you love walk away. “Maybe,” I always think to myself, “-maybe if they where still here, this never would have happened.” I never had someone to look up too.. yet I have two older brothers and one sister. My oldest brother left me for the military when I was only eight. On the other hand… my other brother Patrick, is still in the military fighting with the U.S Navy. I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2008. My sister, the one that I should be the closest too, had welcomed me too something, at the time, I didnt know was wronng. A gang.When I found that out, I stopped going with my sister. Instead I went out with my bestfriend, at the time, B.B or locked myself away in my room. Now that was a long time ago. I’m going into my first year of high school next year. December fourth is my last class for a modeling company. As a child BOTH parents where drunkks.


 Now only my mother has stayed on that bad habit. My Dad is now a heavy nicoteen adictt. I always have the smell lingering off my clothes. I’ve found a boy.. I really love him I know this because I have never felt like this before. In the middle of that one subject that you don’t need to listen to in order to pass it, all I can think about is him. Scince. I find it the easiest stuff in the world. Rocks. Elements. Atoms. Cells. Everything is soooo simple. It doesnt help that are teacher is “going through puperty again” so his voice always sqeeks. This boy knows exactly what to say no matter what mood I’m in to make me smile. To make me happy. We ALWAYS joke around with eachother. We fight, but in a healthy realationship you fight.

…but then something happened…

I took three tests, two out of the three said it was positive. I went to the doctor to make sure I wasn’t getting paraniod. I wasn’t anywhere near “paraniod” I was actually pergnent. With Twinns.