i am 17 years old. my Braylin Chase is due very soon, October 4th. i can’t wait to hold him and love him. at least i know i’ll never have to worry about being alone again. he’ll be the one lil man i know will always be there. FOB does not speak to me because he is still in love with me and will not do anything but argue with me even when i try just talking about the baby. i’m not in love with him so i’m not gonna put myself through a lifetime of unhappiness because everyone THINKS that we should be together solely because it would be easier for us to raise Braylin. he hasn’t offered to help out one bit with his son except for the fact that he wants to see him some. that’s all he has interest in is seeing him. it takes more than that to be  father. i do have a boyfriend but i am terribly afraid he will leave me after Braylin gets here. but unfortunately there’s no way for me to prevent myself from getting hurt because i won’t know the answer until Braylin gets here in October. My grandmother isthe only person in my family that is helping support meand Braylin. i so terribly wish i were married and had a job so i could take care and provide for my son but i have no job and no income so i’m at a loss of what to do right now and it doesn’t help that no one in my town has accepted my application for a job. i can always try again after he gets here but i dunno if anything will have changed by then. i’ve applied everywhere available.

well this is my story.