I was creeping on twitter last night to see if thomas would post, he didn’t. but his ister did this morning…. and oh boy was it a good tweet.

She posted a pic that say ‘helllooo sleepyhead’ obvi thomas because they stayed overnight in a hotel after a concert. So i click and see awee my babes asl…. WHOISTHATB****NEXTOHIM?!?!?! some blonde girl, i’d say a foot away from him. sleeping. thats exactly how me&him fall asleep&wakeup cuz we roll away from eachother.. Idk why shes there or what they did, if anything, or if she just passed out there considering they may have been having a’small’ party in the hotel room… luckily his shirt was still on so hopefully they didn’t do anything that’s going to traumatize me too much.

Needless to say, im a little irritated. I’m going to talk to him about it when he texts me back. I knew he shouldn’t have gone.

not the first time this has happened with a boyfriend. My previous ex went camping with friends to a campground and i see a pic of him hugging some girl, not a friend hug but an embrace… Over this stupid crap. why always me.

Weekend: SAturday; i find oreo’s tumor: devastating. Sunday: Oh cool… Boyfriend could have cheated… whatever.