Hi, My Name is Becky!

I’m so glad you stopped by StandUpGirl.com. Maybe you’re pregnant, or worried that you might be pregnant. You feel scared, overwhelmed, alone. I’ve been there, too. Need someone to talk to…someone you can be real with? We’re here for you. We have an amazing community of women here. Women who get what you’re going through, because they’ve lived through it. Women who care. Learn about Early Pregnancy Symptoms, Pregnancy Calculator Tools.

Think you are the only one dealing with something this huge? I felt that way, too. Finding out I had an unplanned pregnancy turned my whole life upside down. I felt like I had nowhere to turn…no one who could understand. I hope StandUpGirl.com can be the pregnancy support network that you so desperately need at this time in your life. Our stories are a lot like yours of planned or unplanned pregnancy…if we can do it, so can you! We girls need each other.

Since I’ve gone online so many of you girls have emailed me your powerful stories. It has really been amazing! You can check out some of these stories in my Dear Becky column, or contact me yourself! You can register to join our Hot Topics Forum StandUpGirl.com Help Forum.

Remember, You are not alone!

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