My boyfriend of 1 year told me he loved me. I believed him. We had sex. I got pregnant. I was waiting in my house to tell him when i hear the doorbell ring. So in my haste to get to the door I fall down the stairs. My father found me with blood all around my lower area.

At the hospital they told me I was 4 weeks pregnant and I had miscarried. IN FRONT OF MY DAD. To say he was mad is an understatement

He was so disappointed in me. I never even got the chance to tell Leighton. Never got the chance to cry over the baby I lost. 

When I finally got the chance to tell Leighton “I was pregnant, but he’s not there anymore.” He was furious thinking I had an abortion! No Way! I didn’t even get the chance to explain. 

I got an infection 2 weeks later. Long story short. I CAN’T EVER HAVE KIDS.

Be thankful for what you have.