I'm up late, can't sleep. My husband went to bed without saying goodnight, we didn't argue or anything, but we did have a discussion that we didn't agree on. So as I sit here not being able to sleep, I'm thinking, and sometimes that can be dangerous!! haha.

I'm really just thinking about this website and all of the young ladies that have joined up and that are really taking advantage of its priceless information, advice, support and love.. What an amazing thing! I wish this had been around for me when I was young. Then again, God has his plans and I guess what I went through was crucial for me to be able to lend some support or advice to the young ladies here.

I thank God for all that I have experienced in my life and all that I have learned through it all. What an amazing journey it's been, some large humps to get over but it was all worth it.

My life is amazing, God is amazing. He can turn mistakes into miracles for sure! What the enemy plans for destruction God redeems and puts into motion for healing.

Girls, if you are reading this, find comfort in knowing that you will come out victorious, whatever your situation is, God has a plan, and you will come out victorious. You are warriors, you are amazing creatures. Your children are your biggest fans, and you have the power to change your situation. Don't ever let someone take that power from you, what they think about you, what they say- it doesn't matter. What they have done to you, don't let that get you down, don't let it stop you… Most of the time we give them the power over our lives and we are suffering while they are not even having the slightest clue what they have done to us.. but we can overcome it.. we can come out shining brighter than ever. WE ARE WOMEN, perfect creations, fashioned for a purpose. Thoughtout from the finest of hairs to the strongest of bones in our bodies. We are well built machines intended to produce life, endure hardship, and give love…

Everything was created so perfectly, from the amazingly beautiful colors of the flowers, the brilliance of the colors around us, the birds and their ability to fly….. we are no different…. we are amazing….we are loved…. we are love…

I have more to say, but I think that I will be done with that for now.

Be blessed.. and thanks for reading this if you have..