Hi everybody,

                        My name CM and i'm 19, engaged, have a decent job that pays good and I really want to have a baby. Me and my man decided that i should come off the pill in July and have been doing it unprotected since. Granted we don't get to do it often at all since he moved back to London but it's something thats getting to be an issue with me. To make matters worse my workplace is right nest to a baby store, plus there's one round the corner so every time I go to work or leave I see a window full of gorgeous prams, baby care stuff and baby clothes. I know that we haven't been able to properly try to get pregnant and I found out that I was trying at the wrong times of my cycle anyway but even so I seem to see or hear about so many girls that get pregnant just like that or first time round and it hasn't happened yet. I know I should trust in the fact that everything happens at the right time but it is gettig to me a little. Plus so many people around me are getting pregnant. It's not fair! 🙂