My husband and I are starting the process of adopting a baby and wow, what a beautiful thing these women are doing for their child and the adoptive couple(s).  The ladies are doing this to give their unborn child a really great chance at life. Their reasons vary, but they all have one thing in commom, and that is to give their baby what they can't.  ;We are looking both at surrogacy, as well as adoption. I had an abortion many years ago and it was truly the very worst thing I have ever done. I was young, knew I couldn't take care of a child, and my parents were set on me having an abortion. That was in 1984, I was put in the hospital by an ob/gyn that was a "friend of the family" and went through the process. After it was done, I ended up staying in the hosp for 5 days due to some complications. Not only did I have the abortion, but I ended up going through 2 days of contractions/cramps, blood loss, and the destruction of my reproductive organs. I carry that guilt with me every day of my life, and I wish I had known about the options that were available to me. I know the procedure is much more safe now, but at that time, I wasn't even admitted to the hospital to have an abortion, due to legal issues(?) the ob/gyn admitted me under the pretense of having some other ailment. Now I can't have children, but can't even begin to describe the longing for a child to hold and give the best possible life and love he/she could ever want or need. I'm 36 now, am stable in my career, have a home that is pd for, a great husband, but the emptiness of not having a child is like a part of my soul is missing. I know that we will get our bundle of joy one day, and I hope we will also be helping someone that really needs it as well. To all of you, no matter what your choice, I wish yo the very best of luck!