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Story Of My Angel

This video took a LOT of courage. I hope this helps a lot of people, many people wanted to know this story. Thanks for all of your support, it means a lot.

Being A Teen Mom

I love my daughter more then anything in this world. I am so blessed.

Killing Us Softly

Why can't women be what makes them healthy and feel good instead the media changing our bodies?

We Are Teen Moms

We Are Teen Moms: Perspectives and experiences of teen mothers. Reducing the stigma and stereotypes associated with being a teen mother in our community begins with awareness. Through vivid and poignant photos taken by eight brave young women, this video illustrates...

Elizabeth Hill Story

I would like to talk about my birth mother giving me a chance at life even though she was too young to take care of me. Her decision gave me LIFE, a loving family and everything a child can have through adoption.Video produced by: Mona Jaeger - VitaFilms.org

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