I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant this Friday. I and everyone in my family thought that my baby was going to be premature. I was just so big and well, I looked like a 9 month pregnant woman than a 7 month pregnant woman. I’ve gained 70 pounds since I got pregnant. I’m guessing most of it is the water. Since, my doctor measured the baby and says that the baby’s size is normal and on track.

My mother is leaving town on August and she is worried that the baby won’t be born before she leaves. This is my first baby and I do feel like I will need her help. She spoke to the doctor and because she is leaving, he won’t have any problem with inducing me, this Sunday. He wanted to induce me this Friday, but remembered that he was going to be out of town, and won’t be back till this Sunday. So, I’ll just have to wait till Sunday. And I don’t mind.

I’m very excited. If everything goes well, and if God permits it, I will have my baby in my arms this Monday. Because I will be entering the hospital at six to be induced and I’ve heard that it’s a long process. I can’t believe it. I am very excited. I can’t believe the time is so near. And I am a little scared. I had an appointment yesterday, because my doctor is going to induce me this Sunday, he had to check my cervix. It hurt!! And I’m sure that pain doesn’t compare to labor pain. I am only 1 cm dilated.

My husband and I are trying to have everything ready. Now, that we really don’t have time, were trying to fix the rooms so that everything will be ready. The flooring to my room is all done and this Friday, if there is money in hand, were gonna buy more flooring to complete the baby’s room. He’s gonna repaint the baby’s room and ceiling.

I know that all of this should of been done before. But, work wasn’t coming around well with my husband. And the week that there was lots of houses available for him to work with, he suffered a concussion. So therefore he had to take that week off to heal. Ugh!!

But thank goodness, his soccer team helped us out. My husband wins around 400 dollars weekly. And we didn’t think his team was gonna be able to raise enough money. The amount were used to, at least. I was shocked that my husband’s league handed us 405 dollars of donations from all the soccer players in the league and other people that helped out. I thought it was kind of funny because it were as if he worked the week before. I was very thankful to God. With the money we bought the flooring. And other needs that the floor needed.

I’m so glad things are going a lot better. I can’t believe of all the accomplishments we have made in the past two weeks. I hope things keep getting better. We can only pray.