Well, since I last wrote the beginning to my story,

I finally got pregnant!

I will never forget November 3rd, the morning the love of my life and I found out I was pregnant. Following that morning we wrecked our car. We were okay. Only a burn on my collar bone from the seat belt and a little shook up. But following the days on the 5th of November I miscarried. We were devastated, we fell in love with our little cheeto as we called as soon as we found out I was pregnant and once we finally got what we had wanted just like that it disappeared. But our baby is in heaven now and my doctor told me we could try again once I have my next full cycle. Well its been a month and Flo was due today but she has yet to arrive so this week we shall see if our prayers have been answered!

On another note I found out my cousin is pregnant! So this should be a lot of fun! :]