Right, so Olivia is 3 week + 4 days old and I can’t believe how fast it has gone, even now it doesnt seem real shes here. She was born 2nd may 2012 weighing 7lbs and was 50 cms long 3cms above average.
 I had a bad 8 hour labour from being in slow labour for a week, I started with just breathing through my contractions until I decided to have G+A which wasnt working so I ended up asking for an epidural which suprisingly didnt work either because even with that I was using G+A. However, the doctors and midwives didnt know weither my heart rate or Olivias heart rate was lowering on every contraction so they attached something to Olivias head which was getting her pulse and they said it was her heart rate that was lowering and if they wernt happy half an hour later they would have to put me in for a c- section. Half an hour went by and still no change, so they decided to get me ready for a c section, insted of numbing me from the neck down they put me under general anistetic and was put to sleep. Next thing I wake up and my mum and dad who was my birth partners (due to babys dad not bein able to make it in time) were holding olivia while I came round.Now for all new to-be-moms, Having a baby isnt easy. Nobody really thinks about what goes on in labour and you cant ask anybody what its like because everyones labour is different. Olivias nearly a month old and shes changed so much, doesnt cry much but is very demanding when it comes to her dummy and bottle. Its gone incredibly fast but I just cant get over everythin ive gone through and she was there in the end. She is my world and id give up anythin to see her happy. I love her so much. 

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