My son Kieran Xavier was born on the 22 of November, 6 weeks premature; 5 pound 5 ounces. We all thought we were going to lose him. He was in the hospital for just over 4 weeks and we had nothing but problems with the special care nursery staff. they almost dropped him, his head was hit on the humidity crib, left in dirty nappies for hours, missed out on feeds and my milk was dried up due to stress. I had to put him on formula. Now we have him home he is thriving, his last weigh in at two weeks ago was 8 pound 9 ounces. His father came to see him once, only to say he still didn’t think he was his and that he wanted nothing to do with him. we are currently fighting for a court order for a dna test and for his dad to sign the birth certificate and for child support. I am in a happy relationship now and my partner loves my son as much as he does me