8wks, 2days now.

So i went to my first scan yesterday, I got to see and hear the heartbeat, 169bpm, perfectly healthy but sitting a little low for my dates. Anyway, Nathaniel is getting used to the fact that he is going to be a daddy and we are starting to sort things out. I get another scan in 4wks and then get to post up some pics. Yesterday was amazing, seeing my little miracle on the screen, not even 2cm long yet, and knowing that it is actually inside of me. I really can’t wait to be a mum and am going to treasure every single day. The morning sickness has calmed down for now but the doc says it will anyway by a few weeks so that will be a relief. It is going to be so great when the time comes that my baby starts to kick, feeling it move around inside of me will be totally magickal. Things are going to change so much for us and I just hope we are able to cope with it all. All that matters to me is my family now though and I will do anything to keep it safe and happy. I’m even trying to get into a first aid and childcare course and hoping to get my P plates before I have the baby so I won’t always be relying on my boyfriend. The doc said my baby is due around January 2nd, so with a great chance of having a New Years baby. I really can’t wait. I buy my baby book in 3 days, so I can start to record events about ultrasounds and information about the baby’s progress