Wow, what a wild ride this is turning out to be! Aside from the paperwork I'm into up to my nose at work, things aren't turning out so bad. I'm in my twelfth week and will be beginning my second trimester next week. That means I get bigger right..? Eek! Many friends and family are aware of the pregnancy now and are estatic! Others whom we haven't seen in what seems to be forever don 't have a clue, but no harm no foul. Great news! Travis was just hired for a new job for exactly what he's been in search of, millwright! He starts next Monday. I won't see him for five straight days as he will be pretty far away to drive with the ludacris gas prices still rising, which does saddens me. However I like to think I'm one tough cookie, and I've got a lot to keep me busy between working six days a week, the gym and fixing up our little place we are currently in. More great news! We've found a place where he will be working! It's a fabulous condo that's just had new renovations, they're friends of ours and they need to move for a new job as well so they're selling to us! We won't be moving until late January, early February because I want to stay close to friends, family, and most importantly…my doctor. So unfortunately things will be a little lonely for a while. Maybe not so lonely after this little angel starts kicking me in the gut. I'm sure I'll need a little boot every now and then to keep me going though! Travis and I are beginning to get along better, though there are still those mental arguements that make me want to claw my face off. He is getting better day by day, and I pray it just continues. So with all this good news on the up and up, I'm left wondering what's next? After so much good news isn't some bad news supposed to even the score? I guess we'll see. I've made it this far so it would be pointless to stop now. Just stay strong and keep that chin up girl…you can do anything! We're all just trying to make it in this crazy world which continues to turn on itself daily. We need to have eachothers backs because long gone are the days when you could do it on your own. Maybe you still can…but why turn away a loving outstretched hand?