Im 14years old and yes i have a boyfriend and hes 16years old. What I'm confused about is I dont know for sure if im pregnant buhh ive been having symptoms of what probably could be that including no period for almost 2 months now!=/My boyfriend and i have talked about this and he wants me to have his baby i told him i want to wait atleast till im done with school buhh one thing led to another and now im stuck…The other thing is that he has a daughter already and im just thinking how is that gonna work if i turn out pregnant and then he has a 1 and a half month old daughter and then another one on the way.How is she supposed to take care of both.Even though hes with me and NOT his babys mom i still dont want to be responsible for him not taking care of another if anyone has any suggestions or advice PLLLLEEEEASE let me know!!thanks