So i am 15 years old today january 14 but in a few days ill be 16! i am 4.5 months pregnant i found out wen i was 7 weeks. me and my boyfriend have been on and off for 9 months! he is 19 and has a 2.5 years old son. has a lot of issue wiff his baby momma and his family. for him i was his resting place, the only peace he had in his life. i wasnt planin of gettin pregnant. i didnt wunt to make things any harder for him! i wanted to help him out wiff his son and his life. the first 4 months of our relationship i was on birthcontrol. thn my insurance got taken off so i had to stop birthcontrols. for a month we was usin the “pullin out” method and it work for a whole month. thn we had and issue wiff me thinkin he was cheatin and we broke up for a month. me not knowing soon i was goin to find out i was pregnant. a month later i was a week late which was very rare to me. never in my mind did it cross dat i was pregnant. i was learnin how to be on my own wiff out him actually gettin over him wen i take dat cvs pregnacy test and it says positive! i kant put in words how i felt. i didnt kno if to cry or to laugh or to scream i was just left wiff out emotions wat so ever. i called him rite away. i remember hearing his voice felt like peace but soon i remember wat i had to tell him.  wen he found out he came asap and took me to get another pregnacy test at a clinic, and their it came positive too. we followed up for abortions. during the next week i kept callin offices and offices and so expensive 350- 450- 600!money neither him or me had. after 3 weeks i started gettin desperate! worried sad knowin it was wrong wat i was planin to do. i called sum church friends and i made my decision of havin my baby! after that my boyfriend left me! i felt even worse. after a month he came back he said he was guna be ther. things started to change we told my parents and me and him got better. today i am 4.5 months pregnant. me and him have a fair relationship my parents are really hurt but accepts it. am scared but exited i love my boyfriend wiff all my heart! he has changed for good. but am scare of what the future holds