Hello I just turned 20 and I just found out that i am pregnant with my 3rd child. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old already, that I raise on my own and the fathers have given up rights… I have only been in my current relationship a month and am already pregnant. My boyfriend and I fight constantly as of the past 2 weeks.Especially over him going out with his buddies and over the way he does not like the way i parent my oldest.. I am not strict enough he says. I think it is to early for us to be having childeren and honestly I am no where near ready to raise another baby if he ups and leaves like the other 2 did…I just started back at school to try and get an education and better my childerens and my life and now this… I have cried everynight for the past weeks because i dont want this baby I dont want to bring another child in to a broken home… I have been trying to convince myself having an abortion would be the best thing I could do for me and this baby right now… And honestly I believe it is.. My problem is I have always been so against abortion unless in Criminal or Particular situations… And in my case  I knew what I was doing so shouldnt I have to deal with the concequences… I just am scared that Im going to make the appointment to have it done and not go through with it.. I dont know if I can live with myself knowing that I did that to baby and never let it have a chance.. I am so confused can someone please help me… Maybe tell me how u felt or what they do or anything u may think is helpful..Thanks