So i went to get my ultrasound done this morning and the doctor said that the baby’s heart was going too fast. so she checked me out fully and did a lot of uncomfortable stuff (i’d rather not mention) and started asking me questions. Like whether or not I was stressed lately or how i’d been eating. Well, I haven’t been stressed-I just got engaged for crying out loud!!! How would that stress me out!!! But I have been worrying about James going off to college…or at least if he is. I still dont know his descision. She then told me that if I dont calm down and relax…I’ll lose my baby. That the stress isn’t good for it. James walked in the room right then and asked if he was allowed to come in yet…all i could do was giggle and say yes. He came in and rubbed my belly and kissed me. My beautiful family together, and I get told by my doctor that I may not meet my baby if i dont relax. So she relayed the same message to James and he had a hand on my belly the entire time. We got home and fell asleep together. He promised me that he wasn’t going anywhere. Right then and there. He promised. He swore he wouldn’t leave me and our baby. I have him-and our baby-all I have to do is keep relaxed. Can I stay calm? Even with worries of how to afford everything? O how are we gonna do this??