Thomas can home from his friends house in Massachusetts tonight.

Good? Eh, no. We’ve been fighting, a lot.

Anyway, I came up with this nifty little line thinking about how amazing life is.

“The bulb is burned out. Maybe I should turn off the switch and quit waiting for a spark.”

The bulb, being the love between me and Thomas. The spark being that metaphorical spark of love your supposed to feel. And finally the switch represents me trying when it not going anywhere.

Why have the switch on when there’s nothing on the other end of it?


I’m  a genius.. But really my relationship is going down the pooper. I’m more than prepared for it to crack… I’ve even tried to explain to him, ‘Hello, we’re going to breakup! Am I the only one who sees this?!?!’ Apparently, yes I am.

I can tell the rest of our time together is going to go great.

On a positive(ish)note, I’m just over 30 weeks pregnant today! Start the countdown!