Yay! 😀 

Nearly there. Only two months to go! Finally. Time has really honestly gone pretty slow, and I haven’t exactly had the greatest pregnancy. But I got there! (: 

I can’t wait to meet my Baby Girl. My Baby Bump is pretty huge now. It’s going to be weird afterwards, when it ‘deflates’ lol. 

I moved out of home too, finally. It was a slow, and hard decision but three weeks into it and I don’t regret it at all. 

I moved into my partners place. We are staying with his parents. It’s much better being here, it’s a healthier environment for baby with no smokers, and I am eating heaps everyday. So baby is getting everything she needs. Some of the meals we get for dinner are pretty out there, but sometimes they are suprisingly good. 

And we have barely had any fights while I have been here. Only the occasional and one major.. But it’s better this way. Rather than when I was at home, we were fighting everyday and it wasn’t good stress for baby. 

We went to a couple of Antenatal Classes, that were very basic and didn’t really teach us anything, especially in regards to the fact that I just wanted mostly to learn about preparation for labour and the birth. But never mind, it was still fun to go along anyway. And Daddy enjoyed it. (: 

I am getting pretty tired now, and restless. Just wanting our Little Girl to come out, so we can meet her. I am so excited but I am also SO scared! Mostly about the birth. I have heard some pretty scary birth stories, I just hope that my birth is simple and easy. With no complications etc. 

I know a few friends who are also having babies this year. 

It is definitely baby year this year. 

18 on Saturday too! Yay. (: