I have to begin by saying I am so impressed by what the creators of this website and organization are trying to accomplish. I support your work 100% because I truly believe that this is a key part of the fight against abortion. I have no intention of undermining the agonizing situations that each and every girl is faced with.

 What I'm trying to understand is how we can begin to teach our young women that the choice comes at the time of the sexual act. I've spent hours this evening reading story after story and despite the unique specifics there are so many similarities: "suprised I was pregant" "couldn't believe I was pregnant again" "found myself in the same situation again" "already had children out of wedlock". When are we going to realize that pregnancy is NEVER a suprise! I am the mother of 4 children and each and every one of them had been planned simply by virtue of the fact that my husband and I chose to have sex. It's really that simple! The inevitable result of sexual intercourse is pregnancy. The biggest diservice that parents, school systems and the medical profession does to young girls and women is propagate the lie that somehow contraception of any kind will keep them from getting pregnant.

Fellow women, please, I beg you, stop being a pawn in our own lives. By giving in to the pressures to become and remain sexually active before we are in a committed, married relationship we are allowing ourselves to become beholden to a relationship that is artificial, incomplete, and in so many cases will in a single moment of pleasure, lead us to make complicated and heartwrenching decisions. I speak from experience, and it is so hard to describe because I didn't even fully understand it until I experience marital love, and the unsurpassable joy that comes from the union of husband and wife. While I never actually had to make the decision, there were plenty of times that I thought I might have to–although for me it would have never been an option, because the reality was that I knew in my heart that pregancy was always a possiblity.

 Remember what the blessed Mother Theresa warns us about: "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." She loves you and so do I!