I am 22 years old and i just found out im 4 weeks pregnant. Im going into my final year at university, i hardly any money to provide for the baby. And im worried if i have the baby i wont be able to cope, in many ways. I dont know if i’ll be able to finish uni. The other thing is that ive been with my bf for only 3 months even though i  went out with him when i was 16 and we got back together. He wants the baby but i dont know if i love him and i would be trapped with him if i have the baby. He’s already got another child and he wants me to look after the child aswell as mine once i get a place of my own. But that would be waaay to much for me to cope with. I can barely come to terms with looking after my own child. I dont agree with abortion everytime i think about aborting my baby i feel like crying so much, i dont know if i can live with myself aborting my own baby, but i also feel like its my only choice. I really need some advice from someone desperately as ive booked an abortion appointment on saturday but i still dont know what to do.