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      I’ve read more the one post about abusive boyfriends so I thought I would tell you some of my story, I’m hoping by sharing these with you, you might rethink the relationship you’re in !
      As many woman who are victims of violence I grew up in an abusive home, my father was a junkie and my mother was really a part of my life and had untreated bipolar disorder . So I ran of with my boyfriend a week after my 17 birthday. Things seem to be fine for a while I saw a few read flags but I loved him. We got married three months later I didn’t want to live in sin. I had a very bad feeling walking down the isle but I didn’t listen. On our wedding night he brought out our marriage licence and the bible. He told me that are marriage licence was really his receipt for purchase and now belonged to him and then showed me in the bible where he found these passage. Soon after came the beatings the raps not talking to anyone controlling everything I did, eating,showering he even showed me how to wipe myself after I used the bathroom. He would come home and tell me about girls that he partied and slept with and the reason he did these was because I was not a Godly wife. I could spend all night telling you horror stories. I stayed even after he did these while I was pregnant, I finally left after he almost killed me! My daughter was three weeks old and I had just had gallbladder surgery. I was loopy on vicodin and told him he was a horrible husband and father and I was going to leave him. I had my daughter in my hands and he punched three times in the head he then laid my daughter on the bed next to me. And raped me my stitches from childbirth tore back open. After he left to go party I called 911 he was arrested but since I wasn’t very helpful he only got six months in jail and five years probation and they almost took mt daughter away! Although I left I steel talked to him for another year until someone turned us for talking and he went back to jail for three months it was then I finally got away,That was almost four years ago and I’m still in counseling once a week balling my eyes out. And trust me it won’t change if you get pregnant or get married or wait it will just get worse. I beg you get away now!!! Do you want to be the one to tell these story ?


        Oh my gosh. 🙁 You’re right that is something I really did not want to hear. You are very brave for telling your story though and I wish you the best of luck.


          No, this IS something everyone should see. Education is everything. Hopefully prevention. But I think that the women that are in this situation either can’t read this or are "too in love" to leave. Or the biggest of all, in denial.


            woowowow…that is deep..


              I’m glad to hear that you did something about his behaviour and got away. It was the best thing for yourself and your little girl.
              I hope the future is alot brighter for you


                I am so sorry this has happened to you. I’m scared in a way because ive had some red flags with my babys daddy before, but things have never escalated to the point where he’d punch me or hit me, although we do get into heated arguments and he’ll throw things.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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