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      Hi all have n e of u put ur childs name in the father? n then he finished u?? i did his family pushed me in 2 it, they knew i was weak but after i did tht he sed he was not really ready 2 b a dad but lucky 4 me i culd change it. He don’t no tht my son is not in his name but its been ova 2 yrs n he still dn’t want 2 no and care.


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        hi. i’m a little confused… are you talking about giving your child the same name as his father? first name or last name?

        my best friend(and ex boyfriend) has his fathers name as his middle name and his fathers last name. i dont know if that is any help or even answers your question (i dont hvae a kid of my own yet)

        i believe it should be the parents’ choice what to name their child. if no daddy, then the mother should make the choice. his parents should not have forced u to name ur child something that you did not want… at least you got to change it. not everyone has that option.


          Hi!!!! I am so glad you posted this. I am in quite the dilemma with this. I gave my daughter her father’s last name and then he refused to sign the acknowledgement of paternity. Since then he’s had less and less contact with her and now he’s talking about signing over his rights to her. How do I change her last name back to mine? Thank you so much for posting this again!!! ANd congratulations on your child!


            hey I changed my son’s last name by depo it took 4weeks 4 me to do u need to go 2 a solicitors it but if ur child was born after Dec 2003 and the father on the birth certificate u will need to ask him 2 sign the papers 2 say yes ok I was lucky I did my b4 then gd luck in changin ur child’s name n let us all no if u have done it.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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