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      I just found this site and I was hoping someone could answer some of my questions.

      I am 16 years old and i’m pretty scared. I think I may be pregnant but i’m not sure. A week and a half ago I had sex, but there was an accident with the condom we we’re using…

      My last period was January 26, lasting for only about 4-5 days (I always have light periods). I am regular so I was expecting my next period to be around end of February or early March. It’s March 4th now, and i’m starting to get worried.

      I haven’t felt nauseous, had tender breasts, experienced food cravings/sudden dislike of food I like, had headaches or seen any spotting. The only true sign i’ve had is more frequent urination.

      Am I overreacting or should I go get a test? Is it possible that i’m stressing myself out to the point that i’m delaying my period? I’m really hoping for the former, because how could I ever tell my parents that i’m pregnant?


        There’s a point that you will just have to!!! Go to your parents and ask for help…Please! You’re parents will want to help you, and would not want you keeping them in the dark. If you try and handle this situation on your own, you could possibly make some choices you will regret, just for fear of having to face your parents?…..They may be very supportive if you are pregnant. But you will never know if you don’t give them a chance.

        You said it yourself, you’re scared. People who are scared need people who love them. They will guide you, cry with you, look after you, and hug you. We will try to help you the best way we can, but your family should be your priority. Turn to them and have faith that GOD will reward you for taking responsibility for your actions. If you are pregnant, you will need a lot of support. I would advise coming clean with your parents and tell them how scared you are. We all make mistakes, but there’s a time where you have to stop making them and grow up. It may be very difficult to confess having sex with your boyfriend to your parents…..but don’t live your life hiding in fear of your secrets. I lived a life of that before I met my husband and it tore our family apart….and I left home in fear of having to tell my parents the mistakes I made while in high school. I hated who I was….but I was trying to fit in and follow all the new fads. I couldn’t tell my friends NO, so I ditched my family instead. Start new today!! I’m sure you will feel so relieved.

        If you are stressing your system worrying about what has happened, you may be just late due to that. But….remember something about this point in your life. If you’re not pregnant….Phewwwww!! I’m sure you’ll say when the test is negative. But then what? Back to the boyfriend and premarital sex? You may not be so lucky next time, even inspite of your best birth control methods. (which will all fail in some way) Abstainance is the only true birth control!!
        I won’t sugar coat it….I’ve heard enough stories about young girls scared out of their minds worried about what they’re going to do…..the best advise I think any mature experienced woman will give you and others in your situation is…..Don’t continue having sex with your boyfriend!!! Wait until you’re old enough and married to him. It’s common sense. Make a promise to one another that you will wait until marriage…..because then, it will be a true gift to oneanother the way God intended it to be.

        Best wishes,


          hey jus relax dont stress coz that can make ur period cum late, look either wait a week or two then take a hpt or do a blood test and ul hav ur answer, keep an eye out for other signs as its still early to tell, hope everything goes well and keep us updated


            I’ve been thinking about you these last few days. I am praying for your situation and praying for God to give you the courage to do what’s right if you are pregnant, and also for the courage to take control over your life by making healthier decisions in the future if you’re not pregnant.

            I will look forward to hearing back from you.
            God bless,

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