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      I’m only 14 and at the moment I am 9 weeks pregnant. My whole family is leaning towards me just terminating the pregnancy and that is not really something I think I could handle. My friends are there for me and want me to keep the baby but they don’t see the future the way I do. They see fun and games and I see that too, but I see the downsides like 2AM feedings and those things. The father is my ex and his mom said if I choose to keep the baby he will be fully responsible. He still talks to me but we don’t really discuss our baby. I really just don’t know what to do but I’d love some helpful advice because I know there are other girls like me who’ve done everything they wanted to in life.



        Yes, you are young, but you don’t have to be confused. What you feel in your heart is going to be the ulimate factor. Your family may be pushing you to terminate, is that a choice you are going to be able to live with? A child grows up and lives and moves on. The memory of termination is permanent. I have never been through it but I have friends that chose that path, while I chose the opposite. No one can tell you either choice will be easy, because that would be a lie. I can tell you that being a teenage mom (from experience) is hard, but it has its rewards. I am now faced with my daughter being a teenage mom and I can only hope that she has a good experience. You really have to dig deep and think about how much you are willing to put on hold, sacrifice, and change your lifestyle? How would you cope with the heartache an abortion brings? These have to be your choices and desires, but one smile from a little one that loves you unconditionally makes up for everything I had to give up. I would do it a hundred times over.


          Have you looked into open adoptions? Or adoptions in general? Is anybody in your family willing to take it? [ ] If you don’t know what an open adoption is, basically, i guess, a couple YOU choose takes custody of the baby but you get visitation and communication with the baby/child. I really don’t know alot about it, myself. But it sounds like a deffinate possibility for you to consider. This way you don’t lose touch and still be a part of some of those fun and games. I hope I helped a little. Good Luck!!!!;)


            hunny…dont even think about an abortion…you will regret it every day for the rest of your life…your family will come around…ive never had an abortion personally but ive had a miscarriage and it was the most horrible thing in my life…i miss the feeling i had everday knowing that there was something growing inside me as i just layed there…i miss that feeling with all my heart and i would give anything to have been able to change the outcome of what happened,,,ive been on this site for a few months now and you would be amazed at the girls who are persuaded into an abortion that regret it and their lives go spiralling downward…dont let them get to you…if YOU want this baby then its all up to YOU and nobody elses opinion matters…there is always goin to be some on there to tell you that your doin the wrong thing but it all depends on what YOU want out of it and YOUR life..and even the life of YOUR baby..its entirely possible to keep going to school and make everything of yourself like you would have wanted before…being pregnant is not a curse…and it wont ruin your least your friends are still there for you and your babys fathers parents…usually if a girl gets pregnant with their sons baby they start claimin it aint his….at least they aint doin that..or are they?? just think about what your babys going to look like and when your going to get to see him/her walk for the first time and hear it call you mommy…there are downs to having a baby but the look on its face when you see that its happy makes it all worthwhile….Keep me informed of what your gonna do ok..i wanna know your decision..
            Love —Samantha


              Sweetie dont be scared I know that its hard not to be. But things will work out. Rember though babies are precios. But they need lots of love and care. Im only 15 and im 6 months pregnant. When I first found out I was completely terrified and confused. I wasnt sure what to do.The father to my son left me when I was ony 5 weeks. And that made me think even harder if I was ready to have a baby. I looked into all my options and dissuced them with my family.But when i saw my baby during the sonogram I knew there was no doubt I was keeping him. Im still going to school and taking parenting classes. so honey relaxe and look and all you options. mainly follow your heat no matter what anybody says. dont be pressured into anything you will regret. And be lucky you have friends to support you.


                well girl… i can tell you how it is to have an abortion… a painfull thing with wich you will wake up, sleep down…whatevery youll make it won’t go away,the pain wont get everyday smaller, just bigger maby..
                i think, look you have a choce, and i think that someone that has a choice should choose live..
                you’ll see, when you’ll hold your baby in your arms, you’ll see it was worth to choose live…


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